Dialling Into Conference Calls On Your Mobile

With many people now doing business on the move, keeping costs down couldn’t be more important. We all know that conference calling is the ideal way to stay in touch with customers, colleagues and clients but what if you’re dialling in from a mobile phone?

If you’re looking for an alternative to 0844 numbers, to try and keep costs down, why not try out our new mobile shortcode? Simply dial 87373 on your mobile phone and enter your PIN as usual, and you will be entered into your conference call.

Cheaper rates for mobile:

When you or any of your participants dial-in using a mobile phone, and you use our new shortcode, all UK providers should charge the call at only 12.5p per minute + VAT, compared to 40p per minute charged by some providers when dialling an 0844 number. Want to know your exact rate? Contact your provider to confirm.

Download our Powwownow mobile app:

You can now download our mobile app from the App Store and Google Play to make your conference calls that much easier.  By being able to invite your participants via text or email, you no longer need to remember your dial in numbers or PIN – it’s all there for you, which means all you need to do is choose your participants and click send.  The best part? You can enter your conference call in just one click!