Face-to-Face Meetings – are they still necessary?
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Face-to-Face Meetings – are they still necessary?

31st January 2014
By Jacqui Beel

We all know that meetings play an integral role in the business world, and most if not all businesses wouldn’t be able to function without them. But the amount of time and money we as an economy spend on pointless face-to-face meetings is staggering and unnecessary.

We strive for businesses to wake up and realise that much of this resource not only in money but in time can be spent better elsewhere. We are all about low-cost and reliability with our service and as a result we want to help businesses get the job done, because let’s face it; we all know there is more to life than work.

Face-to-face meetings, not only cost money that  they don’t need to, but they also put people under immense amounts of stress due to time pressures and stopping people from getting on with their day job, due to pointless travel.

In a survey we conducted in late 2012, we discovered that British business people lose 26 days each year sitting in unnecessary face-to-face meetings. Over 9,000 meetings and a staggering three years in a Brits working lifetime! Wow!

So now we all feel thoroughly shell shocked that we spend so much of our time in meetings, sitting on our bums and getting no younger, we launched a Meeting Cost Calculator to try and help businesses discover the real cost of their meetings and to help support the argument that less face-to-face meetings need to happen and more technological collaboration can replace it. Because well when you’re on a conference call you can stand up and move a bit – maybe add some years back onto your life!

We are not one sided though, we are aware that face-to-face meetings do have to happen. There is a need to meet up and collaborate in one room and some things just can’t be discussed unless you are physically in the same place. But wouldn’t it be great if only these essential meetings were saved for face-to-face and others were on conference calls or video conferences. No travel time and quicker snappier conversations could be had, allowing you to simply get on with your day job!

Work out how much money and time you could save by having a video or conference call with our Meeting Cost Calculator.

Have you introduced more virtual meetings into your business? How have they helped you?