Flexible working (Live on CNBC)
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Flexible working (Live on CNBC)

15th May 2015
By Candice Choo

Rigid 9-5 working hours are now a thing of the past.  If businesses intend to have high retention rates of their top talent, they need to realise that it’s not only about the dollar (or pound) sign anymore.

Businesses such as Powwownow have embraced this change and rather than expecting staff to spend hundreds of hours per year on their commute; we instead promote working from home or remote working by encouraging flexible working for all employees.

Our Managing Director, Jason Downes spoke on CNBC about the importance of flexible working to do right by your business, your employees and your customers:

The truth is, people have become more flexible with their working week than ever.  Flexible working has allowed people to be productive from almost any location; whether it be from home, from a cafe or even a co-working space.  It allows for a better way of working because employees can work from wherever, whenever.  It means that more time can be better spent on family, friends and pursuing interests with these major improvements in staff work-life balance.

Jason highlights how information has become more accessible than ever.  Employees can work on the same document from multiple devices and from multiple locations as sharing files, messaging each other and collaborating can all be done online now.

Because technology has enabled so many different ways of working, the new generation of workers have started to expect flexible working, rather than see it as a luxury.  Although the money still matters, flexible working has become more relevant than ever and as businesses lead this new way of working, we’re beginning to see an increasing amount of enterprises get on board with this positive change as well.

Where do you work from when you’re flexible working? Let us know on Twitter and hashtag #PWNSmartWorking!