Don't Forget Your Start-Up Roots
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Don't Forget Your Start-Up Roots

24th October 2013
By Jacqui Beel

Every company has to start somewhere, so no matter where or how this happens it fundamentally is a start-up (there is a small team all with a shared goal of wanting to see what you are producing succeed). So how can you keep that small creative start up ethos alive as you grow and move into a more corporate company?

Here are our top tips for keeping your start-up ethos alive in a larger company?

1. Don’t forget who you are

As you grow and become bigger it can be difficult to forget who you are and where you came from. Remember the brand values of the company and what you set out to achieve at the beginning and keep that ethos at the heart of what you do.

2. Still have fun – go to the pub

Start-ups are renowned for often having a fun atmosphere. In the majority of cases everyone is working towards a common goal and the team pitches in when needed. You might often hear the founder of a start-up saying ‘we work hard and play hard’ and that is what keeps the team focused and working well. So when you grow, don’t forget that… still have fun, still play together even if it becomes less frequent – make sure it still happens.

3. Make sure everyone knows each other

In a start-up everyone knows everyone – probably because there are only 2-5 people working in the company, but as you grow and you become medium sized or even slightly larger try to make sure that everyone knows everyone else. Whether that be through team away days and mixing up the departments, or through drinks down the pub and making the effort to talk to people you may never have before. The more you get to know people, the more productive you will be and stronger your team will become.

4. Still care about the little guy

When you start to grow it is easy to forget the little guy. Whether that be the guy who delivers your milk, your postman or your very loyal first customer who is still with you 20 years later. Taking the time to care about the cogs in your machine will make sure that you run like a well-oiled engine in which people want to do business with you (which can only lead to more business).

Has your business grown? How do you keep your creativity and spark alive as you grow?