Four simple steps to make your conference call secure
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Four simple steps to make your conference call secure

1st March 2010
By Staff

Last week we gave you a useful little guide (well, we hope you found it useful) about which features you should have on your conference call phone to get the most out of PowWowNow. We thought we’d follow it up with something similar: a guide to how to keep your conference call secure.

First of all, I should point out that, on the whole, having a conference call is nothing to worry about and ‘tapping’ into conference calls is a very difficult process. Nevertheless, if it’s something you are worried about, there are a few simple security measures that will help bolster the security of your calls.

Follow the steps below for complete peace of mind on your next conference call.

Step 1

As you are probably aware, with PowWowNow you are given a PIN to begin a call. This has obvious security benefits because it means only those who know the PIN will be able to access the call. This is of course only beneficial if the PIN remains confidential information – so don’t write it down where it could fall into the wrong hands if you’re worried about the sensitivity of a call.

Step 2

Most conference call providers – PowWowNow included – will have a ‘lock’ feature that will enable you to lock the call once all participants are on the call.

Step 3

A simple roll call will aid the security of a conference call. Knowing who is definitely on the call allows you to make sure there are no unwanted gatecrashers!

Step 4

Another feature that will improve conference call security is the ability to end the call when the moderator exits. This means that once the moderator leaves the call the system will hang up the call for the remaining participants.

Take a look at your in-conference controls here.