The Game of Over and Under at London Bridge
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The Game of Over and Under at London Bridge

4th March 2015
By Candice Choo

If you were one of the hundreds or thousands of people trying to make it through London Bridge on your commute last night, then we definitely don’t envy you.
If you were part of the group of people who made it through the barriers via hurdling over or playing limbo under the closed gates, then well played.  Great perseverance.
Last night, on what most people hoped would be a ‘normal’ journey home, commuters learnt a whole new level of frustration when they were faced with closed gates and no way through.  Delays of up to an hour were what commuters were informed to face when they reached London Bridge.
…Not quite what you want to hear after a long day at work.
Delays began at the most convenient time ever…just before peak hour.  Frustrated passengers with little patience, began to jump over or climb under the barriers as a last result after the surge of people pushed at their tolerance levels.
Here’s a glimpse of what London Bridge looked like last night:

Image: @GabbyGriffith Twitter

Image: @jnmdavies Twitter

Many commuters also took to twitter to release their frustration:

  • London Bridge has reached peak chaos. -@GabbyGriffith
  • #londonbridge #RailFail it took me longer to get home from work than to get to Brussels by Eurostar.  Commuting internationally soon. -@xHelen1988x
  • #LondonBridge @NetworkRailLBG another dreadful journey home and it’s only Tuesday. Hoping for better tomorrow… -@barafundlebelle
  • @SouthernRailUK should set up a #londonbridge soup kitchen for all the commuters who spend their evenings here – boo! -@nouveau_chapeau
  • @SouthernRailUK @nationalrailenq #londonbridge Why are you treating us like caged animals in a zoo? -@CharmaineMoney

Image: @Daily_Express Twitter

Image: @BlowersSon Twitter

Image: @khadianupani Twitter

After all of that mayhem last night, we imagine many more people are now taking working from home and flexible working a lot more seriously…and wished they could have avoided the horror of what was (and hopefully will be) their worst commute all year.
Can you notice any similarities between the London Bridge chaos and our campaign photo?

Above image: @Krukymonster Twitter

Tweet about it @Powwownow and let us know if you see the resemblance.


Header image: @BlowersSon Twitter