Get your own (conference) room
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Get your own (conference) room

9th June 2017
By Candice Choo

Don’t you hate it when your colleagues join your meeting halfway through a conference call? Or when someone else uses your PIN when you need it? Did you know that your company can get more PINs at no extra cost? Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone had their own?

Sharing is caring, but when it comes to PINs, it will make your work life easier if more of your colleagues had their own. Understandably, sometimes colleagues share a PIN between them as it is you quicker than signing up for their own.

But what are the ins and outs of sharing a PIN? Have a look at our infographic below and see how you could easily avoid conference call clashes or colleagues interrupting your call. If everyone has their own unique PIN, then they can schedule a conference whenever they need one, whether it’s in an hour or a week.

Q1: Do your colleagues use your PIN to schedule their conference calls?
Q2: If your answer is yes, then have you ever been worried that an uninvited participant might dial into your conference? If your answer to question 1 was no, then make sure you order a free wallet card so you never forget your unique PIN.
Q3: If your answer to the first question was yes, then have you ever had to reschedule your conference because your PIN was being used? If your answer to question 2 was no, then did you know you can lock your conference by pressing #3? Find out more about our In-Conference Controls here.
Q4: If your answer to question 3 was yes, then tell your colleagues to sign up for their own unique PIN to avoid conference call clashes. If your answer to question 3 was no, then you may not have had to reschedule any conference calls just yet. But why not tell your colleagues to sign up for their own unique PIN to avoid any issues in the future.
To sign up for a PIN, all they need to do is to register their email address here, and register with their email address.

Remember, PINs are:
·        Free to generate
·        Easy to set up
·        Yours to use again and again

Happy conferencing with PowWowNow.