Good v Bad Boss – How to Make Sure Everyone Loves You
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Good v Bad Boss – How to Make Sure Everyone Loves You

6th November 2013
By Jacqui Beel

We’ve all known them. The busy body that makes us want to tear our hair out. The glory hunter whose brilliant idea always sounds annoyingly familiar. And the workaholic, where on the odd occasion they do leave the office, simply eats, sleeps and breathes their Blackberry.

Whatever trait it is that gets you riled it is highly likely that at some point you will need to work with this person. But what happens when they turn out to be your boss or if in fact you are that boss?

So if you find yourself in a management position and want to avoid the dreaded whispers of everyone talking about your terrible management style… take note of our top tips on how to be an all-round great boss!

Be approachable

Yes, you will have added responsibilities and pressures but part of this includes looking after your team. They will never come to you for advice or with problems if you are dismissive or uninterested. Plus they will be less inclined to help you out when it is really needed.


Likewise, don’t hide away and expect your team to telepathically know what you want. If you need something from them, tell them.

Be decisive

Have an opinion, make a decision and don’t sit on the fence. It’s important to listen to your team but when all is said and done they will be looking to you to make the final call.

Take action

Be a leader; if something needs to be done or said then do it. It’s your responsibility to keep things on track so don’t shy away from making the tough decisions.

Let your team develop

This means giving your team the chance to make their own mistakes (as long as it’s nothing too horrendous). After all, your way may not be the only way of getting a job done. However, do make sure to offer support and guidance along the way, especially if things do go wrong.

Give praise

Make sure your team know when they’ve done a good job and be sure to give credit for ideas and successes when due.

Take an interest

Get to know your team both professionally and personally. If you take an interest in them then they are more likely to want to do a good job for you.

What have your experiences been in the past? Do you have any key nuggets of advice on how to manage a team successfully?