The Great Office Debates – It’s Your Call
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The Great Office Debates – It’s Your Call

20th August 2013
By Jacqui Beel

Remote working isn’t for everyone or every business. Some people like the comradery of an office and all that comes with working in a collaborative environment. But what happens when you mix tens to thousands of people in one building… the great office debates, that’s what!

And just for a bit of fun, here we list some of our favourite debates. What would be your call?

Air con on or window open

It’s sunny and hot outside… everyone’s sweating to an inch of their lives… the air con is on but the window is also open… and so the first great office debate begins!

Steve says “Always window open… fresh air gets me thinking; air con dries your eyes!”

Sarah says “Always air con… it’s so hot outside – why wouldn’t you want air con?”

Radio one or Absolute

Oh the debate of the radio station. Some offices just let people put their headphones on and for those – well that’s great as there is no musical debate. But for those that have radio in the office… well the annoyance of a radio station you don’t like is extremely irritating!

Laura says “Absolute radio always, they never repeat a song and it isn’t just that rubbish pop!”

Rob says “I love a bit of radio one, especially Mark Patterson at lunch time.”

Rich Tea or Chocolate Hob Nob

Ohh its Friday afternoon and we’re all looking for that Friday afternoon sweet treat fix… someone shouts I’ll pop to the shop – rich tea or chocolate hob nobs? Oh no, duck for cover!!!

‘Hob Nobs’, ‘No Rich Tea’, ‘No, no one like’s rich tea’ … ahhh and so it continues.

We say – get both! They’re biscuits! You can never have too many biscuits!

Milky Tea or Builders Tea

Not such a debate on this one, as it is rare you would ever share a cup of tea – and well if you do have to share a cup of tea maybe you should think about getting another job?? But still this results in a great debate in our office.

‘Errr how can you drink your tea like that? So strong!’ ‘How many sugars, 3?’ ‘You’re crazy!!’

Oh we do love a good office debate. That’s the whole joy of working in an office! And these debates can often spark creativity and revive focus and drive for your business. So get involved and get debating.

Share with us your favourite office debates below. You decide, It’s Your Call…