Business Guide to Succeeding in Social Media
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Business Guide to Succeeding in Social Media

23rd August 2016
By Candice Choo

These days, it’s crucial for businesses to be on social media. That’s something we can’t stress enough.
It’s not quite as easy as most people think. Being on it is one thing, but succeeding in it is a whole another ball game.
There’s a lot of rubbish out there, and you’re only given an opportunity for a split second for someone to determine whether they want to read what you have to say, so it’s got to be noticeable to get that cut through you want for your brand or else they’ll just scroll straight past your post.
You can’t expect to create an account and wait for your followers to flood through the gates and engage with what you have to say because the reality is, millions of people have social media accounts, and getting noticed is a lot harder than just clicking post/Tweet/Share. That, and contrary to popular belief, followers shouldn’t be your one and only measure of success. There’s more important metrics you can use to see what value you’re bringing to the table for your business.
The great thing about social media though, is that you don’t need the massive budgets that Apple and Coke have to see results. Great content and the occasional social media ads can take you a long way if you do it right. And if you do it right, it’s a great way to establish your brand, the tone of voice and get people to engage with you and what you have to say.
So before you sign your business up to every social media platform under the sun, take a look at our guide for businesses. Here you can learn:

  • Where to start
  • What platforms to choose
  • How to get noticed
  • Good (and bad) examples
  • How to manage social media accounts
  • How to measure your results