Guide to crush working from home (WFH) during the Coronavirus crisis

So here we are, living in a day and age where we are told that going outside could potentially soon be banned and is already banned in other countries. We’ve gone from taking our daily commute into the office, to rolling out of bed and taking a leisurely saunter to our living room, dining room, home office etc. The official guidance from the government is that all “employees should be encouraged to work from home, unless it’s impossible for them to do so”[1]. That means many of us who are used to working in offices are now fully fledged remote workers. Here at PowWowNow we’ve been harping on for years about remote working and its benefits, so it’s only right that we try to offer some guidance during this strange time we find ourselves in and help you crush working from home.

WFH tips and tricks

Working from home is very different to working in the office for various reasons. First and probably the most significant is that face-to-face interactions with your work buddies are non-existent. Second, depending on your household you could have more distractions at home (kids) or less. Third, a myriad of other reasons that can be tough to adjust to.

We put together some tips for working from home during the coronavirus crisis. They include trusting one another, consistent communication, welcoming your new routine and supporting one another. A recent survey found that one fifth of remote workers experience feelings of isolation and loneliness[2]. Where we find ourselves today, it is paramount to trust one another, check in on each other regularly and support each other if anyone ever needs a helping hand. This will not only help create a happier remote workforce, it will in turn keep productivity high!

Utilise tech

One of the biggest challenges many perceive when considering remote working is how on earth do dispersed team members collab? Well, there’s no excuse in this day and age (maybe shoddy broadband), modern tech has made it easier than ever for remote workers to communicate and work together. There’s a huge number of tech solutions out there. Instant messaging, project management tools, conference calling, video calls, calendar applications, you name it there’s probably a suitable solution out there. Check out our list of 5 tools that make working from home a breeze.

By utilising tech, you can ensure that you work together as one cohesive workforce, helping you crush working from home. Use tech to keep in touch with one another and provide regular updates. Don’t just take our word for it, according to a recent survey 75% of SME’s believe that investing in tech is crucial for growth in the coming years[3]. This is particularly apparent in today’s climate, where many businesses are relying on tech to communicate with one another daily.

Balance work and play

One negative associated with working from home is that it can be hard to switch off, due to your home becoming your office. A 2019 study found that 92% of people working from home answered emails out of work hours. For your mental wellbeing and to avoid burning out, it’ crucial to balance work with activities that you enjoy doing. The situation we find ourselves in is tough on everyone, so it’s a great time to reward yourself more than you usually would.

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t socialise virtually, go on virtual art tours, participate in a virtual workout or just spend the evening watching Netflix with your pals.  Here is a list of 6 virtual events to get you through isolation. If 2020 teaches us anything it will be to appreciate the people around us and not to take the little things for granted (life lesson over).

Stay positive

We’ll eventually see an end to this, one day. We’ll be able to all gather around the coffee machine to discuss the weather again. We’ll face the eternal struggle of booking a free meeting room at the desired time again. There are many more office life tropes I could mention but you’ve probably got work to be getting on with. So, point is, try your best to stay positive and understand that this is only temporary. Support, trust and communicate with one another and we’ll all get through this! Continue to crush working from home!