Happy Staff, Healthy Profits

Happy Staff, Healthy Profits

Happy Staff, Healthy Profits

It is true what they say; a happy workforce is a productive workforce! If you have a team that feels valued and feel that they are contributing to something great then they will put the effort in.

Think about yourself and your colleagues – those that seem genuinely happy with what they do are more productive right? And those that sit and moan all day – well I think we just covered what they get done in a day!

It isn’t hard to see then that happy staff means healthy profits.

So how can you make sure you have a motivated workforce? It doesn’t need to be all money and cost – see our tips below on how you can boost staff morale.

Praise good work

When someone does something that took time and effort make sure you praise that work (gets a project live, secures a big deal), either directly to the employee or to the wider team. Everyone loves to be praised when they work hard – so a simple well done or thank you is sometimes all that is needed.

Reward hard work
OK, so you might need to invest a bit of money here. But it doesn’t have to be thousands. If someone has gone above and beyond for a few weeks to deliver a project or put in additional hours to help out whilst other people were off – reward this. For example, giving a bottle of wine, allowing time in lieu or simply buying something for the team like doughnuts on a Friday. These little outlays of cost will make your team and individuals feel valued and more likely to want to put the effort in next time it is needed.

Make the effort to talk to people and be interested
It’s very difficult to remember the pleasantries with people when we are all very busy getting things done. But don’t forget, it is people that keep your business going. Without those people it would fail so therefore you should take an interest in them. Depending on the size of your business, as a business owner if you own an SME, you should at least know all of your staff’s names – not just the important ones. And if you own a business, make the effort on a Friday afternoon to go around and have a quick two minute chat with teams or people. Ask how their week has been, what exciting things people are up to at the weekend. If you are interested in your staff, they will feel more valued and appreciated in the workplace, making them happier more productive.

These simple techniques will help staff feel valued. Making them enjoy coming to work. And let’s face it – we spend most of our lives at work so we should at least enjoy it!

What techniques have you found as a boss or employee works well in keeping you or your team motivated and happy at work?