How to remote screen share when you’re on the move

It’s easier than ever to have meetings and collaborate with your colleagues when you’re on the move, thanks to remote screen sharing and conference calls.

You could be on your way to a client meeting, working from home or travelling the globe and still easily chat to your workmates and clients and show them what you’re working on. Having the visual aid of remote screen share means you can make sure everyone’s on the same page, while conference calling lets you talk to everyone at once.

Getting the best out of this software can be a little confusing for newbies, so here are five top tips to use remote screen share effectively while you’re on the move.

When you’re working remotely, planning and preparation is key to making sure your meeting runs smoothly. Agree a time for you and your guests to dial in to the conference call and tell them you’ll be screen sharing.

With that in mind, it’s vital to avoid technical hitches. Sort out unique dial-in details for the conference call, making sure all your guests can use the number and pin, and give them the screen share link. If you’re using PowWowNow, you need to have the browser extension installed to remote screen share, so download it in advance. Our guide on how to screen share will help you out with what you need to do if you’re unsure about anything.

Right before your conference call, get all your documents open so you can easily flick between what you need to show your guests. This will make the best use of your time and ensure your guests don’t get bored while you’re finding the right document.

  1. Choose your location wisely

Being able to hear your guests properly is vital for an effective meeting, so finding somewhere quiet is a must. If you’re on the move you could use your hotel room, a co-working space, or even a quiet corner of a coffee shop.

As well as being quiet, the location you choose needs to be free from distractions, so make sure there are no TVs on nearby, your smartphone and desktop notifications are switched off, and there’s nothing going on nearby that could divide your attention.

Working somewhere with good lighting will save you from eye strain too, whether you’re in for a long meeting or you’re sticking around for your whole working day. Plus, if you use video on your call, it’ll look weird to guests if you’re enveloped in shadow.

  1. Check your internet connection

When choosing your location for your remote meeting, check you can rely on the internet connection. It can put a spanner in the works if there’s lag while you’re remote screen sharing, or worse, if you’re kicked out of the meeting altogether.

Test out the Wi-Fi for a while before the meeting starts to ensure it’s all working fine. If it’s not, try using your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot as a last-ditch solution, or find a better place to dial in to your meeting.

  1. Make the most of your smartphone

As well as being a Wi-Fi hotspot, your smartphone is an all-important tool for your remote meetings. You can dial into your conference call easily using your unique dial-in details and, from there, either use your computer to screen share while you talk on the phone or use your smartphone itself. The latter is a great option if you’re on the move.

If you’re using your smartphone, just put your speakerphone on so you can hear everyone while you check your screen – of course, make sure you’re in a fairly private area, so as not to disturb anyone nearby with your meeting. You can use the screen share function by using Chrome if you’re on an Android device, or Safari if you’re on an Apple phone.

  1. Check in with your audience

Before you get going with your meeting, make sure everyone is in on the conference call. Then, when you start sharing your screen, make sure all your guests can see it. That way, you’re all on the same page and there’s no confusion over what you’re looking at.

Dialling into meetings and sharing work with your colleagues while you’re on the go is easier than ever. Once you know how to make the best of conference calls and screen sharing, collaborating with your colleagues will be simple. Look at our plans and find the one that’s best for your needs.

Your Guests see what you see, how handy is that!?

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