How video meetings enable flexibility

We all love a face-to-face meeting (if it’s worthwhile) but unfortunately the reality is they’re not always possible. The surge in demand for flexible working means that face-to-face meetings will become more of a rarity. Recent research found that in the UK, 92% of Millennials identify flexibility as a top priority when job hunting and most over-50s want to ease slowly into retirement through reducing hours and working flexibly[1]. So, if the demand for flexibility is rising, there needs to be tools that accommodate this rise. Well, what do you know! That’s where video enters the mix. One of the many benefits is that video meetings enable flexibility.

Avoid arduous commutes

Let’s face it, commutes can be a bit of a Debbie downer. A survey of 2,000 UK workers found that over two in five (43 per cent) think their commutes negatively impact their stress levels[2]. A great benefit of working flexibly is getting a break from the hustle-and-bustle associated with commuting. Video calls negate the need to commute to the office in order to attend face-to-face meetings. Not commuting to meetings that could have been carried out just as easily using video means you’re also doing the environment a favour (win, win).

Location isn’t a factor

If you’re companies workforce is made up of dispersed teams then you’re aware that productive communication can be difficult at times. Video calls provide remote workers with efficient communication methods. You’re not tied down by location, if you have an internet connection you can attend the meeting. You can work wherever you feel most comfortable and productive, whether this be your favourite coffee shop or a snazzy home office set-up.

Video also means higher engagement rates. Instant messaging apps and phone calls are great for those quick back and fourths but when you need to discuss something more complex then video is a blessing. With a phone call, it’s easy to multitask behind the scenes as you can’t see what people are up to. Video demands your full attention as you can see other people, so it’s apparent when you’re not fully engaged.

A perfect companion to remote working

With a rise in demand for remote working and research showing that working outside the office can make you more productive, the tech available needs to compliment this shift. Video calls are a comforting companion for remote workers. If you work in a job where a lot of time is spent outside the office, then you can start to feel slightly out of the loop. Use this tech to your full advantage by scheduling regular catch ups and updates. This will help you make the most of working flexibly, without any feelings of isolation creeping in.

There are many advantages, one of them being video meetings enable flexibility. Creating a healthy work/life balance is essential to one’s happiness and we’re happy there are tools out there that ensure this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing productivity.