I’m a Recessionista Sister!

If you are using Powwownow there’s a good chance that you’re doing so because we offer a quality service at  low cost – a great money saving move in these credit crunching times.

My boyfriend has recently put me on what can only be described as a ‘money diet’, he feels I spend too much on rubbish, for the purpose of this posting I’ll leave out my feelings on his opinion!

Here are my five top recessionista tips:

Refer a friend at Headmasters – genius!

If you refer a new client to Headmasters you and your referred buddy get 50% off your next cut. With a cut costing £40 I think this is a great saving.  You also receive a further 10% off your next appointment (colour included) if you book before leaving.  Guilt free, beautiful hair

2-4-1 at Tootises – yummy!

Until the 28th of August there is a two for one offer on all main courses at Tootsies.  May I suggest that you go on the day of a hangover, this way you won’t be tempted to buy any alcohol and will feel the true ‘cheap as chips’ factor that comes with eating half price.

Run past Starbucks – sniff sniff!

When I was first put on the ‘money diet’ we worked out that I spent £1248 a year on Starbucks, now I run past it of a morning.  I love their soy lattes though and treat myself to one on a Saturday (with skinny lemon and poppy seed muffin) cutting out the other 5 trips a week has saved me £1040

Buy your wine at Majestic – glug glug!

Whilst at dinner with friends a few months ago they suggested we visit Majestic where I have found we can buy boxes of wine at a discount rate PLUS there is a lovely lady there who knows the ins and outs of wine.  This doesn’t only mean we save money but we also look like we know what we’re doing when we have friends to dinner (and that in itself has to add some value)

Drive at 50mph on the motorway – beep beep!

Ok, I can’t say I have tried and tested this BUT several people have told me this tip (one being my Dad – who probably doesn’t want me to drive fast) apparently it is an optimum speed for fuel consumption, so there!

Please feel free to add any money saving tips of your own, I am happy to give anything a go (once)

  • Carl

    Mark’s favourite website for this sort of thing is http://moneysavingexpert.com which always has good deals although whether Mr. Wiseman shares the savings with me or not is a little less reliable.

  • Helen Pretorius

    Howz the Starbucks diet going?