Attitudes To Flexible Working

Flexible working is becoming more common in business. The new laws put in place by the Government in June 2014 allowing everyone the right to request flexible working is likely to mean that this method of working is only set to increase. We conducted a survey of 2,000 professionals to find out about the state of flexible working in business in 2014.

Attitudes to flexible working infographic

  • Thanks for sharing your survey results! They are truly insightful. It really shows that companies need to change their attitude to flexible working. We have been operating flexible and remote working options from day one and it doesn’t only keep the employees happy but it also allows us as a company to widen our search during recruitment cycles, whereby we can look and employ the best talent rather than settle for a candidate merely based on location.

  • Liz Grant

    Very interesting insights. Shows the key role technology plays in supporting diverse and inclusive working cultures. Giving people flexibility empowers them to deliver more effectively if the leadership culture and management style is geared towards supporting that. Something for companies to emulate!