Is the infographic dead?

Powwownow Infographics

Powwownow Infographics

This is something that is quite frequently debated about so we thought we would share our opinions on the situation too.

As with all things, an idea becomes popular when it’s launched and early adopters rave about its greatness, but then as you would expect the novelty wears off and those early adopters want to know what is next; the same is applied to the idea of the infographic. Can it be made better, enhanced and taken to a new level?

Infographics present content that could otherwise be relatively dull and make it fresh and interesting – easy to share and digest. They have a great share-ability within social platforms and have huge benefits for SEO. Infographics allow people to digest content quickly. People are busy and saturated with information daily – infographics allow people to absorb data quickly without having to scroll through hundreds of paragraphs of boring text.

But the main question is – is the infographic dead? We hope not as we love a good infographic and have seen huge benefits from creating them, and soon will be looking into developing our first motion graphic. We have found huge success with our infographics and the rate at which they are shared and consumed by our audiences is ever increasing.

It would appear that as with most things in life, the initial novelty factor surrounding such innovative content has faded; but the infographic hasn’t died, it’s merely evolved.  The value they still hold for business far outweighs the need to be at the forefront of new trends.

We can only see that there will be an increased need for people to consume information quickly and in more cases whilst on the move.  So this sort of visual representation of data and facts will only serve a greater purpose in our opinion.

So if the infographic isn’t dead, what does the future hold? Well, the use of HTML5 needs to be implemented to a higher standard, so access to such interactive infographics allow a unique user experience on iPads and iPhones. HTML5 will create rich content that is not hindered by user platform.

We’ll also see infographics becoming more of a brand awareness tool – generating interesting and dynamic content that reaches new audiences and pushes the boundaries means that your brand will be talked about. And anything that gets your brand out to the masses is a good move in our opinion.

What are your thoughts? Still love an infographic, or fed up with them?