Insight: My Working Week – Jason Downes
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Insight: My Working Week – Jason Downes

21st January 2016
By Candice Choo

What’s it like for a day in the life of our Managing Director Jason Downes? Is it conference calls all-day everyday? Or is he always stuck in meetings about meetings? It’s quite the contrary actually. We have always believed that for businesses to achieve their targets, they need to stay motivated, rather than having to do the same monotonous tasks day-in and day-out.

So what’s it like for Jason? Sometimes you’re reviewing yesterday’s performance, and other times you’re voting on who made the best cupcakes for cake club. One thing is for sure; it’s a lot less boring than most would think for people who work in a conference call company. So when approached, Jason told Edge Magazine from the Institute of Leadership and Management, what it’s like for his working week.

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