Introvert v Extrovert – Why Both Are Essential in Business
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Introvert v Extrovert – Why Both Are Essential in Business

20th March 2014
By Jacqui Beel

The business world can often favour extroverts with their outgoing go-get-em personalities, but a business wouldn’t thrive it were to be full of just these sorts of people. With many things in business, a balance is needed – of men and women on the board, of young and mature staff members, of flexible and office based working. Having the right balance of extroverted and introverted people is exactly the same.

The real power in a team comes when you have people who are different, because they can do jobs that you might not have an innate preference for. We did a study in our very own marketing team a few years ago that looked at the personality types and categorised our personalities by colour. There were complimenting colours and conflicting colours, but the interesting thing was that it highlighted our strengths and weaknesses and how as a team we could work better together.

In business it is important that we have a team of people that can get the job done, and if your whole team were filled with either extroverts or introverts, the work would never be completed. You need a balance of those that like to keep their head down and get on with the task and then those that like to make a lot of noise and push things forward. Without either, a business is likely to struggle.

Knowing more about how people in your business tick-can help to:

• Avoid and resolve conflicts quickly
• Play to an individual’s strengths within the team
• Work together more effectively
• Deepen understanding of each other
• Understand and appreciate different strengths

So the answer isn’t, which is best for business extroverted or introverted people? The answer is simply that there needs to be a balance, and that will give you the most success in your organisation.

Susan Cain (a proclaimed introvert) gives a great talk here, on the power of introverts.

Let us know your thoughts below, are introverted or extroverted people better at business? Or do you not think it matters?