It’s more than just sales

Businesses often try to figure out why some products and services sell better than others.  It’s not just about calling someone and selling to them.  It’s about your approach; your strategy.

Our sales and service director told Startup Business UK in their Making Money magazine.

Interested in his thoughts? This is what he shared with them:


What advice would you give to small businesses that need to develop a sales strategy for a new
product or service?

Be crystal clear on what your value proposition is and what separates you in the marketplace. Once
you have this absolute clarity, have your sales staff practice, refine and perfect this pitch over and over
again through role play in the team. This should be in the individual’s style, but should resonate with
the company’s brand values and tone of voice. Individuality is good, as no one likes to buy from a
characterless metronome.

Is the sales strategy different for goods and services?

In my opinion, no – it shouldn’t matter what you’re selling. The critical success factor remains how well
you get under the skin of your prospect and understand their needs. Avoid falling into the common trap
that many ordinary sales people do, namely delivering dull, feature-rich pitches that will bore the pants off
everyone, bar the most patient of potential prospects. Sell the benefits instead.

How should a business choose the right communications channels to use?

This will inevitably depend upon lots of factors, including budget, the type of marketplace you’re
operating in and the niches/vertical markets you intend to target.
That said, modern day selling is about playing its full part within the wider marketing mix. However, at
the small and medium-sized enterprise level or even business-to-consumer, it’s unlikely that sales will be
the dominant channel, as other marketing-led channels such as the web and social media have greater
coverage, reach and return on investment for smaller customers.
Build a winning formula for lead generation and account acquisition. Remember, acquiring customers
is hard, but once you have customers on board, their growth and development is much easier.