The Joys of a London Commuter
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The Joys of a London Commuter

30th June 2014
By Jacqui Beel

Not everyone has the luxury of working from home every day, and even those that get to do it sometimes will still have to commute for the rest of the week. With London commuters spending longer commuting than anywhere else in the UK we wondered, where do you stand?Tube Commuters

Commuting into and across London can often feel like a military operation and careful planning to get you from A to B is essential.  So what are you? The quiet contender or the seat hogger?

Below we’ve listed the most typical London commuters just for fun.

1. The Steadfast Stander

We’ve all seen them; they stand rigid and strong in the carriage, rarely holding on for balance, they never take a seat and always look smug when they offer the empty seat to someone else. There is the potential that they might be afraid of germs!

2. The ‘My Ears Are Bleeding’ Music Listener

Often surrounded by people saying ‘how can they listen to music that loud?’ and being given dagger eyes by other passengers – rarely will anyone say anything though

3. The Pole Hoggers

 You’re on a jam-packed train, you need to hold on, there is always one person who finds the surface to lean on and hunkers down. Never will they stand freely and hold on simply with a hand! They’re comfy as they are!

4. The Tube Olympiad

Never has someone moved so fast and strategically than the tube Olympiad, a seat becomes available and they run, clambering over any obstacle (or person) in their way to get the one seat that has become available. DO NOT get in their way! You may be injured.

5. The Door Stander

They don’t move down. They’re getting off soon (in 7 stops). They simply just don’t care.

6. The Seat Hogger

They put their bags, coats, dogs on the seat next to them. Are these people – No! Well they shouldn’t be on a spare seat. Some people want to sit down, and oh the look you get when you ask them to move their belongings, ask at your own risk.

7. The Tactical Tuber

Likely to do the same route regularly. Has memorised the right door and position in the carriage to maximise on journey time. Doesn’t matter where they sit or stand they know exactly what they are doing, they want efficiency and speed.

So as you see a minefield to get from destination to destination. Why not just work from home instead; after all flexible working will be available for everyone from the end of June? Conference call instead, you’ll feel much calmer than doing your rush hour commute. Sign up today.