Productivity is Key – Keep it High Whilst The Sun is Shining…
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Productivity is Key – Keep it High Whilst The Sun is Shining…

2nd July 2013
By Jacqui Beel

So with summer finally here people want to be outside, in the pub or at the beach, rather than being stuck in the office keeping business going whilst everyone in the world seems to be on holiday. Downtime leads to greater efficiency within the workplace. So how do you keep staff motivated and keep business productivity moving in the right direction during these summer months, when the office is quiet and the sun is shining outside.

Keeping business productivity high during the summer

Keeping staff motivated during the summer

Here are our top tips for keeping staff motivated through the summer.

1. Summer Hours

A lot of companies offer summer hours through July and August. Finishing work at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. The good business benefit for this is that essentially you are only giving your staff a couple of hours off a week but they will really be grateful for the time off.  It is probably fair to say that most staff start winding down during the last hour on a Friday anyway, so why not give them that hour off and boost team morale and output at the same time.

2. Flexible Working

We always bang on about how much we love flexible working – but it really does have huge benefits for productivity. Flexible working is great for those with family; especially during the summer holidays when childcare can often be a problem. If you want to offer flexible working make sure you have a plan in place so employees know what the rules are.

3. Food and Drink

Food and drink I hear you ask? Yes really! Going out and buying all the team ice creams on a hot day can really cheer everyone up – it does in our office anyway. Why not, on a sunny day, take the team to lunch where you can all sit outside and soak up the rays for an hour? Just taking that small time out will recharge your batteries and give you a boost for the afternoon.

4. Have a Time Out

The best way to keep productivity high is to take a time out – seem strange? Not really. If you have unmotivated staff sitting at their desks wishing they were in the sun, hours can go past without the necessary work being completed. Take a 20 minute time out and efficiency will no doubt increase when they are back at their desk. But what should that time out be? Well, anything – table football, snooker, a quick walk around the block, a 10 minute gossip in the kitchen. By allowing these time outs, staff will feel re-energised to get back to work and productivity and creativity will be reignited.

I think it is fair to say that most staff work hard in their roles, and often work beyond their allotted weekly hours, so by giving that little bit extra back to your team you will increase efficiency and happy staff means happy company!

What, if anything, does your company offer to keep you motivated? Have you seen productivity increase by allowing staff a bit of time back?