What is the Key to Sales Success?
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What is the Key to Sales Success?

11th March 2014
By Jacqui Beel

Jason Downes, Sales Director at Powwownow shares his experience over the past 15 years’ in sales to give his three top tips for making sure your business has sales success.

1. Activity

People only tend to fail when they don’t work hard enough or don’t put the right activity in on a daily basis. It’s important to make sure you stay on top of your dials, visits, meetings, appointments and presentations.  And it’s always important to keep your key metrics or determinants of success in mind to ensure you consistently hit your KPI’s. Make sure you set targets and goals and ensuring that team members know the level of activity needed to reach these.

2. Skill

You can’t teach people to work hard, but you can teach them to sell. Frequent coaching and regular training can help people understand the skills needed to make the proposition come alive for your prospects.  If they’re taught how to sell and become great at it, they’ll naturally want to bring in more business because success for the company will mean success for them (often in the form of commission).

3. Knowledge

Make sure your team become experts in their field. Know your industry, market place, competitors and especially your customers’ needs. Once you determine exactly who you’re targeting and what your audience wants and needs, then it becomes easily to tailor your presentation to them.

Hopefully, with these top tips, your sales force can become your biggest asset not your biggest cost.