Life on the Phone – Neil Sibbald

Whilst our Customers are spending their days on the phone conference calling, the other guys in Sales and I spend our days chasing down new business.
We have a great business model and you would have thought it was an easy thing to sell. Well it is and it isn’t, we come up against a lot of resistance when we are trying to find the head honcho (the decision maker for conference calling), but then this is only half the battle.

When we finally find who the decision maker and talk to him we then have to convince him that moving over to Powwownow is going to be financially beneficial for his organisation. But when you manage to convince someone to move over to the Premium Access service and they send in the subscription form I get a feeling of real achievement.
However we are getting better and better and we are beginning to get larger and larger organisations, so the future for Powwownow is looking good.
However I think we are all getting better at identifying genuine prospects and at selling the Services. As a result of this, we are now landing larger and larger companies which is great for me and great for the business.
If anyone would like a run down on our recent successes please come over and ask.

  • Carl

    I would love a run down of your recent successes, Neil. Were any high-class woollen eveningwear companies involved?

  • Trystan Cullen

    I love this.