What Makes Someone Love Their Job?
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What Makes Someone Love Their Job?

30th July 2014
By Jacqui Beel

Have you ever come across those people that genuinely love their job? What is it about them or the job they have that makes them so happy? Of course there will be times in everyone’s role that they are unhappy with, but if you enjoy going to work you are one of the lucky ones. So how can you love your job?

A survey by TinyPulse found some interesting facts in the US as to why people love their job and how you can too. Here are the five top reasons that were discovered why people love their job:

1. People Power

The people you work with, given 3 times more than any other reason. It’s true though, if you like the people around you, it doesn’t matter how difficult or hard the job gets, if you have a team you can depend on then the difficult times aren’t quite so bad. When looking for a new job if you are concerned about the people you will be working with day to day, there is nothing wrong with asking later on in the interview process if you can maybe meet some team members – the business you are going into will want you to be a good fit as much as you want to.

2. Freedom

The ability to be given free rein to get the work done. Not being micro managed. Being given the freedom to think for yourself and come up with new ideas and solutions will give you growth and expansion which is what everyone ultimately needs to feel like they are progressing in their role. Freedom however does need to be earned, so make sure you earn it and then approach your manager about maybe having more freedom if you don’t currently have it.

3. Company Culture

The culture of the company you work for has a huge impact on the enjoyment of your job. If you work in an organisation that breeds a blame culture or one that expects hours and hours to be worked to deliver results it is likely you won’t be too happy. Having an engaging culture where people support each other and work as a team gives people the most satisfaction, as well as making a more productive team and culture in my opinion. If looking for a new role, in the interview ask questions about the company that align with your personality and if you get answers that don’t sit right with you, it’s unlikely that you will fit in.

4. Variety and Learning

We often need to feel as if we are learning and evolving. Without this we can begin to feel stuck and stagnant in our roles. It is important that a company invests into this and gives people the opportunity to grow. People that don’t get this are likely to be more unsatisfied in their roles than those that do. Don’t be afraid to ask for training opportunities to expand your mind.

5. Be Challenged

Although people often say they hate being challenged, in many ways people love it, it keeps jobs interesting and to not be challenged is to be still and then we move back to point 4 above. If you ask people that love their jobs, why? Being challenged is one of the main points, it allows you to grow and you can never say it’s boring. Not being challenged enough? Think of 5 things that you don’t like doing and start to do them, if that’s speaking in front of people – start small in a meeting with colleagues and build on that.