A momentous year – 2012 round-up
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A momentous year – 2012 round-up

4th January 2013
By Jacqui Beel

2012 was an incredible year and we continue to go from strength to strength; Powwownow celebrated not one but seven million minute days, a great achievement and something we hope to build on in 2013.
The past year has seen a flurry of activity from the Powwownow team in which we launched a host of new services and customer initiatives. We also had an employee increase of 15% across all departments.
2012 saw Powwownow take a bold step into a more collaborative market by launching its first collaboration tool – Powwownow Engage.
iMeet is a straight forward, smarter and easier way to communicate with colleagues, business partners and customers. With HD video calling, screen sharing, phone and VoIP conference calling and instant messaging, communicating with colleagues has never been made easier.
The marketing team collectively gave “birth” to the archaic character Cecil Goldwell in 2012 and he set about stirring up the emotions of the general public with his bigoted rantings. He liked his truffles white, he wanted to buy Greece and took a speedboat into work to avoid the commute during the Olympics. Cecil is the antithesis of Powwownow; everything he stands for is the complete opposite to our brand. He was all about the extravagance of life and hated everything that was free… fear not Cecil is still with us, so watch out for what he gets up to in 2013.
With Cecil at the heart of Powwownow during 2012, we launched a new Welcome Pack game for customers. In which customers were given the chance to compare the wealth and lifestyle of the rich and famous.
The glitz and the glamour came later in 2012 as awards season approached. It was a good year for us as we were Highly Commended in two categories. One at the Richmond Business Awards for Best Business and secondly at the B2B Marketing Awards, for best SME-targeted campaign.
Powwownow’s Premium team had a successful 2012 as well with the addition of some great brands, including high street bank Nationwide.
Looking back it is clear that 2012 has been a great year with some amazing developments and growth within the company, so here is looking forward to 2013 and all that it may bring.