Musion: will it revolutionise conference calls?

Recently Tupac, the rapper that died in 1996 came back to life at the Coachella festival in California, thanks to digital technology Musion.

Musion creates dramatic 3D holographic projection, currently mainly to resurrect celebrities. The concept has been used to bring back to life the likes of Frank Sinatra, Saatchi & Saatchi’s late Creative Director Paul Arden and Samuel Ryder who died in 1936 was brought back to appear at the 2008 Ryder Cup Gala.

Musion Holograms

© Musion 

There is a real movement at the moment forcing technology to the next level, away from the development of the norm and pushing the boundaries. As well as Musion, Google’s recent augmented reality glasses are looking at ways technology can transcend to the next level and how this can enhance our lives.  The Google ‘ProjectGlass’, as it is known, looks at the interactions that someone uses their mobile device for, and instead of this the user would wear a form of headset that allows them to see the things they require projected onto real world scenes right in front of their eyes.

In terms of conference calling, these types of technology can only improve the services that are already in existence. Imagine having a conference call with your boss or colleague, and it is a projection of them sitting in the room with you. Conferencing calling could go beyond the realms of web and video conferencing and hologram calling could become a very exciting concept of the future.

These advancements in technological development excite us; we very much look within our business at ways we can push forward and provide cutting edge technology for our clients that allows the best service possible. Our vision as a company is very much about a more collaborative, unified way of working and anything that can help develop and move this forward has got our vote.

These steps in technology development so far seem completely incomprehensible in terms of how they may shape business functions in the future – would offices need to exist? Would people even need to meet face-to-face anymore? Could we just all work from home and project those colleagues we need to communicate with straight into our very own living room as and when we needed them?

It will be interesting to see how this form of technology develops over the coming years and how much this will revolutionise how we all work.