On-hold musical debate continues

When it comes to on-hold music, there’s never any fence sitters. You either love it or you hate it. It’s one of those things that can leave you dancing in your chair or clenching your fists in frustration.

But what most people don’t realise is that we have more than 10 different on-hold music options for your choosing. So whether that’s something classic like String Quartet or something more exotic like Latin Lover, we’ve left it to you to choose (unless you leave your on-hold music on default).

Below are a couple of the tunes and a brief description of the style of tune so you can mix it up whenever you feel like it:


  • Calm River – Like a spa sanctuary in the middle of the Arabian desert waiting for your lavender massage
  • Red Bossa – Like a 90s film intro where Tom Cruise saunters across the screen billowing in smoke  and hazy sunlight

Party Time

  • Latin Lover – Like a South American street fiesta with all the sun and iced Caiprinha you can handle
  • Hispaniola – our default marmite tune. Some say it sounds like the Sex and the City intro, some say it makes their ears bleed… we like to think of it as a Spanish garden party with sun and sangria


  • Mute – ………
  • Silent with beeps – Like Ronseal – It does exactly what it says on the tin


  • Jingle Bells – The classic Christmas time sing along (probably best left until Christmas!)

The classics

  • String Quartet no 23 – The Mozart classic
  • Molto Allegro – Another Mozart classic
  • Eine Kleine Nacht – We can’t get enough of Mozart

Want to see the full list of options? Simply click here to listen and change your on-hold music.

Have you got a suggestion? Tweet us @Powwownow and tell us your thoughts.