Outsourcing – What’s in it for you?
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Outsourcing – What’s in it for you?

13th August 2014
By Jacqui Beel

We know outsourcing is an important subject for small business, so we spoke to the experts at Time Etc, Jessica Faulkner, Virtual Assistant, to find out more…

Are you one of those people who tends to take on too much at work?

In a rapidly expanding business world, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for businesses to make the decision to outsource their overflow of work to outside agencies. This outsourcing is beneficial for a number of reasons, not only can it help your organisation grow and expand, but it can have a considerable impact on your outgoing costs and final profit. So how can outsourcing benefit your company?


By outsourcing those tasks that you would class as necessary yet ‘menial’, you are able to free up valuable staff members who are then able to focus on those activities that have the most benefit to your company and ultimately make you the most money!

Reduced overheads

Save money and reduce your overheads by outsourcing the least cost-effective tasks to a specialist firm. This can have two resulting benefits, firstly, you are able to function with a smaller workforce, and secondly, a specialist firm will be likely to perform tasks more quickly with fewer distractions, ensuring that their work is as cost-effective as possible.


By outsourcing specific tasks, you are able to monitor the exact time and money that is spent on areas of your business. This allows you to identify the areas that your business is over-spending with little result and adjust spending accordingly.

Continuity and quality control

If your business suffers from a high employee turnover, it can reflect badly upon the service that you are providing to your customers. Even if you are simply changing employees due to maternity cover, it is likely to result in a reduction in consistency. By outsourcing to the same company for the same tasks, you can be confident that you are maintaining a level of consistency throughout and ensuring that there is no risk of reduced customer service standards.

Access to skills

Outsourcing allows you access to skills that your current employee base may not necessarily posses, without the requirement of expensive training that costs both time and money. This leaves your budget available for improving other areas of the business.


Need to provide a 24 hour service but just don’t have the staff? What about always having the phone answered, even when there’s no one in the office? Outsourcing can give you a level of flexibility that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  If you have a small staff base, outsourcing tasks to outside agencies can make you appear larger and more professional, allowing you to target a customer base you wouldn’t previously have thought possible.

When considering an outsourcing company, it’s always good to look at other people’s experiences and recommendations. After all, you are putting the reputation of your business into somebody else’s hands. The most important benefit to your business is definitely going to be the consistency of service you will be able to offer your customers.  Outsourcing allows you the freedom to focus solely on your business, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.