Personalisation: The Starbucks way.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Starbucks, in a very American way of personalising their customer service in the UK, have now started wanting to call you by your name. This ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem; here at Powwownow we’re all for personalisation, but in this instance, it all seems a little insincere.

Apparently some customers have been having a little laugh at Starbucks’ expense by calling out names such as ‘Carol Singers’ or ‘Ben Dover’. And as amusing as that is, it’s probably detrimental to the way the general public change the way they perceive the coffee giant. Furthermore, if that specific problem escalates, we honestly think it could produce negative effects much larger than even they [Starbucks] might imagine.


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Some have called their staffs following of a script a ‘strip tease’, meaning it’s easier to go through the motions than genuinely engage with your clientele. The Scotsman wrote a funny article on the topic recently, whilst the BBC pointed out “People will love it or hate it. Either way, it’s distinctive and will get talked about.”

Is it worth alienating customers simply to get talked about?

Personalisation has become more than just buzz word, and some people really believe it will be the future. What do you, our lovely readers, think about personalisation generally – but more specifically – this latest Starbucks ploy?