Powwownow backs 4th annual No E-mail Day
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Powwownow backs 4th annual No E-mail Day

3rd April 2014
By Jacqui Beel

This Friday, the very memorable date of 4/4/14, will be a big day in the world of British businesses.

It is the 4th annual No Email Day where individuals and companies across the country attempt to go the entire day without the use of e-mails. It sounds tough, right? It’s actually not that bad. Imagine all the times when you’ve sent someone a really important e-mail or your happiness or success is waiting on someone to message you and it never arrives. Collectively we waste thousands of hours every day throughout the country waiting for an e-mail. No Email Day sets out to put a stop to that and forces people to pick up the phone.

No Email Day is the brainchild of Paul Lancaster, a social media expert, who had enough of waiting. The first No Email Day was on 11/11/11 and went viral around the world. His “manifesto” was read over 30,000 times on SlideShare, with tens of thousands more people seeing it through other online sources. Hundreds of people took part in the first day, with this number rising every year since.

On the day itself, Paul said:

“The campaign seems to have split people’s opinion 50/50 on whether it’s a good or bad idea, genius or crazy. However, it’s clear that there are many people out there who say they need a day like this to help them focus on doing the ‘real work’ rather than just the ‘busy work’.”

And we completely agree. It is this reason why Powwownow are proud to support No Email Day this Friday and encourage everyone to at least think about that extra e-mail you send. We hope that instead you call someone, get the answer you’re after and get on with your day. The point of the campaign is to be aware of the time you spend drafting the perfect message or waiting on that response and do something about it. And it isn’t just us. Other market-leading businesses including IBM, SAGE and Microsoft are all involved.

We all know that e-mails are an important part of our daily life. 144.8 billion e-mails are sent every day across the planet, which speaks for itself. However why not, just for a day, put down the keyboard, pick up the phone and speak to someone direct. No more waiting, no more typos, no more delay.