Powwownow Launches New Television Advert Produced By The Refinery
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Powwownow Launches New Television Advert Produced By The Refinery

4th March 2014
By Jacqui Beel

This week we launched our new television advert, entitled “Who’s Uncle Mike,” as a part of our ongoing marketing campaign. The advert was produced by The Refinery and aims to position Powwownow as the smarter alternative to business travel.

A follow up video has also been developed and will be used for online engagement.

The mini drama series uses new media alongside old media by tying together the TV ad with the follow up social media video. Careful planning and teamwork between Powwownow and the Refinery enabled a campaign that successfully crossed media, to be accomplished.

The advert is based around the potential impact of travelling to meetings on your family life, told through the eyes of a young child who challenges the wisdom of her father having to travel to a meeting instead of the smarter approach of conference calling.

The advert sees a father and daughter discuss why the father has to leave to go to a meeting when other children’s fathers use conference calling instead. The daughter then innocently tells her father “Mummy says you love work more than you love her.”  It is then revealed that this claim was made in a conversation her mother had with Uncle Mike. The advert finishes with the father asking the charged question, “Who’s Uncle Mike?”

The advert is to be broadcast on ITV4, Dave, Fox, Yesterday, Sky Sports 2, Gold, Sky Atlantic, Sky News and a selection of smaller channels. The advert launched on 1st March and will run for four weeks.

Robert Gorby, Marketing Director at Powwownow says, “This TV advert for Powwownow is our first foray into television advertising. We wanted to show the impact that travelling for business can have on family life at home, in a media consumed in the home and that there are smarter, more practical ways to do business.”

Tim Spurrier from The Refinery says, “It was exciting to work with a brand that is pushing forward a fun and quirky marketing campaign. We’re used to making TV programmes so this was our first advert and we went into it all guns blazing. We had a great brief and were very happy with the final product. We ended up creating a short drama that portrays a whole story in just 30 seconds!”