Free Powwownow Spring Webinar Series – Why The Great Collaborate
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Free Powwownow Spring Webinar Series – Why The Great Collaborate

10th April 2014
By Jacqui Beel

‘Why The Good Share But The Great Collaborate’. If you can’t communicate well across your organisation – how can you really communicate well outside of it? Modern business communications tools can help our teams to connect, share, engage and create more easily than ever – so why is it often so hard to get people to work well together?

In our next Webinar at 10.30am on Thursday 24th April 2014 we’ll be looking at why great collaboration has more to do with leaders and culture than systems and hardware.

How do some leaders and organisations get it so right whilst others often get it so wrong?

To help us find the answers our special guest is world renowned Knowledge Management and Leadership Conversational expert – David Gurteen of the Gurteen Knowledge Community.

We’ll be talking to David about how today’s top leaders create smarter conversations, the difference between information and knowledge and why despite all our modern gadgets and networks, it is still often so difficult to really connect with the right people and talk about the right things. Join us for what will be a fascinating conversation.

This is the second of Powwownow’s Spring Webinar series which explores the issues of business communication, meeting culture and how leaders can use technology to build leaner, sharper and more agile organisations.

Places are limited so please register today at Eventbrite. To find out more about the Spring Series, click here.