Powwownow Support Ofcom Bid For Clearer Telephone Pricing

Ofcom today announced that telephone call charges will be made simpler for consumers from 2015 and we are pleased that progress is finally being made. Call charges to 08, 09 and 118 numbers will start to be broken down into an ‘access charge’ and ‘service charge’, highlighting where costs lie.

The changes, which are due to come into place in June 2015, will allow customers to be able to see exactly what their call costs are.

Paul Lees, CEO of Powwownow, said: “We have always been transparent with our pricing structure and have been working with Ofcom for many years to see these changes come to fruition. The new pricing structure will provide price clarity, hopefully highlighting how much some network providers charge to connect a call. We look forward to these changes coming into place in the near future.”

Some mobile providers charge inflated rates to connect to 08 services from a mobile phone. In a bid to reduce call rates for our customers, in 2012, we partnered with Orca Digital to offer a mobile shortcode which would allow customers a reduced mobile rate when using our service.