Powwownow triumphs at the B2B Marketing Awards:  A long wait… worth every minute!
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Powwownow triumphs at the B2B Marketing Awards: A long wait… worth every minute!

2nd December 2010
By Staff

It was a long process… It all started at the beginning of this year when we decided to participate in the B2B Marketing Awards 2010 thinking, what do we have to lose? After all, the ‘Best Limited Budget Campaign’ category seemed made for our FlyPowwownow campaign – and you know we’ve always been proud of that one!
So after gathering all the information and completing the best entry we could possibly do (first award we have ever entered!), we sent it at the beginning of summer with only hope in our hearts…
And then the shortlists came… and there we were…
Then, we were also nominated for Best B2B brand, making it first on to the long list, and then on to the shortlist (only competing against Google, Apple, Viking Direct and Sage)…
Then, the big night came…

B2B Awards

It wouldn’t have been Powwownow style without some guerrilla marketing going on during the ceremony.
Vote for PowwownowVote for Powwownow
By this time we could barely hold the excitement. Thank God there was plenty of laughter and wine to release the tension…

Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin

And finally, the moment came… The presenter announced the nominees:

  • Hewden
  • ‘Community Connect 4 Anywhere’ by RM
  • ‘FlyPowwownow’ by Powwownow

(GO POW WOW NOOOOOOOW!!! We discreetly shouted)

  • ‘The point and how to get to it’ for Simpson Carpenter by Quick-thinking
  • ‘Kern precision weighing’ for Kern by Wunderman

(Breathe breathe; It’s not going to be us; It is!; Wait wait; shhhh…)
And the runner up is…
Kern Precision Scales for ‘Kern precision weighing’ devised by Wunderman
(Oh God, oh God, oh God…)
And the winner is…
(That’s a long space, because it seemed like forever)

Powwownow, for ‘FlyPowwownow’!!!

E u p h o r i a . . .
B2B Marketing Awards winner
We walked pass the 70 tables to the stage, collected our prize, got our picture taken and just as quickly as the rush of excitement came, it was over… But it was overwhelmingly great, worth every minute of it, and the prize now sitting in the boardroom is a constant reminder of this night, of the great team we are at Powwownow and of how much fun we’ve had along the way.
B2B Awards Winner
Next Year – Grand Prix Campaign of the year!