Smarter Working Spaces In London: Where’s Your Favourite Place to Work?

We’re always looking to find the best locations for remote working around London.  Which cafes are the best places to work from (and serve the best coffee)?  Which co-working spaces are best for networking and Wi-Fi connection?  And which are the hidden gems for being the most productive?

So what better way is there than using word of mouth to discover the best finds for smarter working in London?  That’s why we’re calling on you to suggest your favourite places to create the ultimate Remote Working Guide in London.

So have you got a great find for remote working? Is it a cafe? A co-working space?

Tweet us your suggestions by either using the button below or by using the hashtag #PWNSmartWorking.  Don’t forget to share the love and tag the café/co-working space in your tweet so they can see that you’ve recommended them.

  • East London is the best locations for remote working around London.