Some time off when were travelling


Here at Powwownow we work with a number of our competitors in the USA, supplying them with European telephone numbers for there conference call businesses.

Whilst most of the business with the USA is done using our Web and Conference Calling solutions, we need to travel to the USA once a year for a conference in Las Vegas when we get to meet all our customers over 3/4 days.

The conference normally means landing in Las Vegas on the Friday before the conference on the Monday so we can get over our jet-lag, giving us 2 days do do some different whist we are there.

On our last trip Paul Lees and I decided that Dune Buggies was going to be our weekend experience.

So 10am on Sunday morning we head off into the Desert to Sun Buggy who were our chosen supplier for a MINI BAJA ADVENTURE.

After the mandatory safety video, and the 10 page legal disclaimer signed, we grabbed our gloves, goggles and helmet and boarded a bus to head further into the dessert to collect our Buggies.

Once on board and Strapped in our Instructor head-out out in to the dessert at a slow pace giving us the chance to get to grips with the handling of our new toys.

Within 30 minutes we were climbing 45 degrees slopes at over 30mph, and the drop offs were more like 75 degrees and a great deal faster. Once you get the hang of these buggies they are great fun, and you can really throw them around, the only real rules are:-

1 Try not to get stuck
2 Dont get lost as theres a lot of sand out there

and as the brochuire said “In 90 minutes you will travel somewhere between 10 and 35 miles over what is described as very aggressive and challenging terrain” and Sunbuggy delivered on our expectations.

I think both Paul and I agreed this was one of the most fun things we’ve ever done for 90 minutes, I would highly recommend Sunbuggy if you’re ever in Las Vegas and fancy doing something totally different.