Get Up, Stand Up…
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Get Up, Stand Up…

14th October 2013
By Jacqui Beel

Think Bob Marley classic whilst you read the headline…

Anyway, I digress…

They say that exercise keeps the mind healthy and that our modern office desk based jobs are slowly killing us (dramatic!). We as a nation are getting fatter and less healthy due to our under active lifestyles (oh dear).

Stand up and be more productive.

Stand up and be more productive.

Have you ever thought that sitting down all day isn’t actually that good for you? Well you would be right; standing up has a number of health benefits, not least burning more calories (yey!). The American Council of Exercise recommends standing up for periods within the day can help circulation and improve muscle tone. And standing up for just two hours a day can burn an additional 228 calories… pass me the chocolate bar!

Other benefits of standing up also include increasing concentration and blood flow to the brain… maybe sparking a flash of inspiration or creativity.

Many creative agencies have stand up or scrum meetings which are short sharp meetings where all team members stand up to collaborate and keep engagement levels high (it’s definitely harder to fall asleep whilst you’re standing).

Standing up at work all sounds great, and yes we would all love to burn those additional calories, but how can your business implement this in real life? Well firstly you don’t really need any investment in terms of equipment if you intend to have short periods of standing up. So whether it’s short meetings or making that phone call standing up (a tactic many sales teams employ) or having a stand up and having a chat with your colleagues – short, sharp bursts of standing up throughout the day will help improve circulation and keep your blood flowing to your brain.

However, if you decide that you want to take it a step further you can invest in ergonomically produced furniture, such as adjustable desks that can help in your quest for a healthier you by allowing a sitting and standing function.

Have you tried standing up at work? Did it leave you feeling invigorated or just plain worn out? Let us know below!