Three ways businesses can use technology to reduce pollution
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Three ways businesses can use technology to reduce pollution

13th June 2019
By Tom Ladle
  • Implement flexible working
  • Invest in efficient tech
  • Install renewable energy sources

The UK government is taking measures to combat pollution, but businesses can also play a part by using technology to help reduce pollution and work a little smarter.

With this year’s World Environment Day theme being Beat Air Pollution and recent protests across London, the pressure to reduce air pollution has never felt more pressing. The Guardian reported that although air pollution in London is falling, two million people are still living in areas with illegal pollution[1].

1. Reducing emissions through implementing flexible working

At PowWowNow, we believe in the power of flexible working and we’re not the only ones. Our 2019 flexible working survey showed 68% of British workers are offered flexible working compared to 54% in 2018. 81% of people from our survey believe that flexible working would make a job more attractive to them.

Web conferencing technology has several features ensuring employees stay productive. You can screen share, introduce a video call, present and annotate documents. Almost everything you would do in a face-to-face meeting can be carried out online, cutting travel costs and doing the environment a favour.

Flexible working doesn’t only allow employees to work from the comfort of their home, it has a positive effect on the environment by cutting out the trip to the office. With advancements in conferencing technology, employees are no longer restricted by location.

2. Investing in efficient workplace tech

Advancements in technology are not restricted to making the consumers life easier, advancements often mean the tech runs more efficiently. One of the simplest and cheapest switches businesses can make, starts with the mundane – lights. LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than an incandescent or halogen bulb, making them drastically more efficient at converting energy[2].

It’s not only bulbs that businesses can consider when trying to run a more environmentally friendly office. A lot of tech now comes with an energy star rating. Businesses should consider purchasing tech with an Energy Star label as they use 30-65 per cent less electricity, again reducing costs but also making the planet a little happier.

3. Installing renewable energy sources for the office

Perhaps the most effective, but also the costliest way technology can help reduce pollution is through investing in renewable energy. In the UK businesses consume 56% of energy[3], making them a major contribution to the UK’s carbon emissions. With advancements in solar technology it could be wise to start exploring ways it could benefit your business.

Installing solar panels may seem like a huge step but in the long run it could save your business thousands of pounds, whilst also doing your part to combat pollution. Businesses such as Google, IKEA and M&S have all committed to the RE100 initiative, a global commitment to 100% renewable power, so you will be in good company.

Some commitments are greater than others but every little helps.