The need to know benefits of screen share

Out of all the techy tricks that come with online meetings, sharing your screen has got to be in the upper echelon of techy tricks. Right alongside the big players like conference and video calls. Screen sharing allows anyone in your meeting to view your screen. Gone are the days of being on a phone call and painstakingly trying to explain what on earth you’re talking about. Just whip out your laptop, share your screen and eureka everyone is on the same page. Let’s dive into the benefits of screen share.

Simple and seamless

Sharing your screen is as easy as ABC. With our tool all you need to do is press the conveniently named ‘Share screen’ button, select what you’d like to share and click share. There you go, you’ll now be broadcasting whatever you have on your screen to everyone in your meeting (ensure it’s safe for work).

Conquering collaboration

We’re not going to fib, collaboration when working remotely can be tricky, and miscommunication can take place. If you’re relying on email and instant messaging apps to make your point, then this point can be easily misconstrued. Plus, you don’t always want to switch on your webcam and have the added pressure of looking presentable, it can be tiring. Screen share is your knight in shining armour, acting as an ideal middle ground.

Rather than just expecting everyone to understand what you mean or what you’re trying to achieve with your carefully crafted email, it’s a lot more productive to just show them. Whether this be an awesome website that inspired you or sharing that design/piece of work you’ve been going at for months, this tool allows everyone to view it and provide feedback. This equals a much more worthwhile exchange than back and forth emails, whilst also negating the need to always be video ready.

Everyone’s engaged

One of the most difficult aspects of a conference call is monitoring engagement. Are you sure people on the other end of the line are listening and not just staring into space visualising the delicious dinner they’re going to cook that evening? Who knows, but what we do know is that by initiating a screen share you are giving everyone a focal point in the meeting. This creates a level playing field for discussion as everyone has the same material to go off and leads to more engaging meetings.

Use screen share as a tool to open discussions and get everyone contributing. You’ll soon see the value it can offer to your meetings and scratch your head as to why you ever had remote meetings without it.

Control your meetings

Shout if this sounds familiar, you attend a meeting with no real agenda and no one person taking the lead. The result is an hour or more of unfocused chattering, which could have been spent doing something productive. By sharing your screen, you’re in control of the mother ship (meeting) and can steer it in the right direction. It creates a more organised and focused environment, with your screen share complimenting the agenda.

Tackle tech issues

Sharing your screen can be invaluable for your IT team. After the classic have you tried turning it off and on again, they can then ask to view your screen. This is a much more efficient way to tackle tech problems as they can see exactly what the problem is and hopefully offer a solution on how to fix it.

Gain customer feedback

Sharing your screen doesn’t have to be limited to internal meetings. If you work in sales, then it’s a brilliant tool for communicating with customers. You can highlight your latest product offering and get instantaneous feedback. It’s also useful for your customer support team who can use it to run through processes with customers. It acts as a much more hands on approach than your standard customer service call or live chat session.

So, there you have it, our need to know benefits of screen share. Experience the benefits first-hand by signing up free to our standard service.

Your Guests see what you see, how handy is that!?

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