It’s Time to Fight Back Against the Can’ts
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It’s Time to Fight Back Against the Can’ts

21st May 2014
By Jacqui Beel

As the year moves on so does the latest Powwownow media campaign. At the beginning of the year we introduced you to the ‘Can-Do Club’ highlighting the difference between the go-getters and those that do everything to slow things down and are generally just a bit old school in their approach to business.

In the second quarter of the year Powwownow comes out fighting, with its London outdoor media campaign ‘Fighting Talk’ and it targets the overuse of email in day to day business. Email is often the enemy of smarter working – we all hide behind it, and some more than others – so it’s a universally accepted issue.

This issue allows us to dramatise the problem, and the solution. The creative is a call to arms using ‘fighting talk’ expressions to get off email and onto an instant, hassle-free conference call from Powwownow.

Keep your ears open for the radio adverts and listen out for a well-known voice! Can you guess who it is? Also, if you’re travelling on the London underground keep an eye out for our latest tube car panel adverts.

For the next couple of months we have launched our first ever digital 6 sheets in key London stations, check them out here. And if you happen to be wandering the streets of the city, it will be difficult to miss this set of taxi advertising.

Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep you entertained whilst out and about, we will also be running some pitch-side advertising during upcoming rugby and football games, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • New Zealand v England – June 7, 14 and 21
  • England v Ecuador – June 4 8pm
  • England v Honduras – June 7 9.45pm

To tie in with the media campaign we are running a fun social media campaign looking at the general day-to-day gripes that British business employees experience and we will aim to help solve as many issues as possible.

The campaign, which will launch on 27th May, encourages London workers to tweet about a problem or something that frustrates them at work using the hashtag #powwowhelpmenow.  Problems could be anything ranging from delays getting in to work to the office to running out of milk.

We will then aim to solve numerous of these problems over a four to six week period by providing workers with the perfect solution.  We strive to make life easier and allow companies to just get it done by improving efficiency in the workplace, we will pick tweets at random and provide a creative solution each time, allowing businesses to concentrate on doing what they do best.

So if you are fed-up of those that get in your way and want a change, join our can-do club or join the debate using @Powwownow and let’s inspire others to get it done by working smarter.