Top 10 business Twitter handles to follow
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Top 10 business Twitter handles to follow

26th September 2012
By Jacqui Beel

When starting a new business or establishing a start-up, it helps to have advice at your fingertips, and with social media just at a click-away there is no excuse not to find the latest news and information to help you out. Sp here’s a list our favourite business twitter handles that offer a range of advice and tips to help your business grow – and sometimes they add some humour to your day as well!

1. @BusinessZone 

Giving the latest advice for small business entrepreneurs in the UK. Providing topical news, features and analysis, and a small business forum for community discussion and networking.

2. @Dan_Martin 

Dan Martin is the Editor of; he tweets on the latest business news.

3. @BizMattersmag 

Business Matters: The UKs leading magazine for entrepreneurs and owners of SMES. Tweeting the latest UK business news.

4. @Ariannahuff 

Arianna Huffington ,Editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. Not only does Arianna discuss interesting issues in business, but she also engages in huge global issues and interesting facts. She is one of the most powerful women in media and so she is definitely worth a follow! And she also shares her tips for success – so make sure you listen up.

5. @Mashbusiness 

This is the official handle for the Mashable business page, tweeting Mashable articles that are related to small business. Can be US heavy – but still very useful.

6. @EntMagazine

Entrepreneur magazine is a US focused magazine for the small business community. Although US based, this is definitely still worth following, as they often share interesting global stories that affect UK business, as well as linking to great top tip articles.

7. @LondonLovesBiz 

This twitter handle is a regional digital newspaper for London’s business community, so if you have a business in London, this is one to follow. Providing information for businesses that are based in London and the immediate issues that affect them.

8. @doreenmartel 

Doreen is a freelance writer and work at home specialist. She writes for and is based in the US. She provides great tips on recruitment, money making, saving money, writing business plans and so much more.

9. @richardbranson 

And well the list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have two of the biggest entrepreneurs on our list. Richard Branson tweets insights about business and entrepreneurship, as well as his many adventures.

10. @Lord_Sugar 

Lord Sugar is Chairman of Amshold Group, as well as head honcho on the BBC Apprentice. He knows a thing or two about business.
So these are our top Twitter handles to follow, are there any others you would recommend?