Top Tips: Creativity on a Shoestring

Easy steps to creating and implementing a media campaign on a limited budget

With a little creativity and the right know-how, an effective marketing campaign doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are our five top tips on creating a successful campaign on a shoestring budget.

  1. Firstly, it’s important to decide what you want to gain from the campaign. In order to make sure that the campaign remains on point. This should then be the basis for all decisions. This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how often focus is forgotten or overlooked in favour of what you think the consumer wants. Rather than what they actually need in real life. As good as the content you create may be, if it doesn’t do the job intended then it’s a waste of resources.
  2. The best way to ensure that you have your target audience reliably identified is to research the market, something that needn’t be expensive if you’re working to a tight budget. A simple email survey to your existing customers or a twitter pole for more specific questions can do the job quickly and cheaply. Not everything requires a huge amount of investment and taking the time to use free channels can have huge rewards.
  3. Publishing a consumer attention grabbing press release can be the easiest first step to any campaign. It’s a great way to present your details and background as an interesting and memorable story.
  4. The fourth tip for lean creative marketing is social media. There are plenty of free online tools available to help promote and manage an online campaign, for both distributing content and measuring engagement. Social media is a useful and direct way to let your consumers know about your product or service and is an open platform through which to engage with them. Remember not to simply broadcast your message in the hope that someone will listen. Take on board how your target audience communicates online – for example, do they prefer LinkedIn over Twitter – and try to engage people on these platforms in conversations. Remember, just because these channels can be free, they still cost in terms of time, so make sure that engagement is still focused on the campaign objectives.
  5. Advertising can be costly but if you do decide it’s for you, remember there’s always a deal to be done. Negotiate on price and wait for last minute deals. Although it shouldn’t be relied upon, if there are still slots left, the closer the print deadline comes the more likely a publication is to drop its prices.

Along with these tips the other most important thing is to stand out from the crowd. After all, your efforts will go a lot further if they get people’s attention quickly. It has certainly worked for us! Try thinking of your product from a nonconventional point of view and maybe use humour or emotion to address any preconceived stereotypes about your industry.

Make sure not to go too far though, so that you’re not remembered for the wrong reasons or that the campaign message isn’t obvious.

There’s no point in people remembering the campaign if they don’t remember who it is about. Or even worse, are left with a negative attitude towards the brand.