Top tips to stay productive during the Euros
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Top tips to stay productive during the Euros

10th June 2016
By Candice Choo

The Euros have just begun and let’s face it. Most of us want to watch it – regardless of what hour it’s on. Unfortunately for us though, some games do coincide with our working days. So before you get caught streaming the games on a tab on your web browser, here’s our top tips to stay productive during the Euros.

Take advantage of flexible working

Does your employer offer you flexible working? If they do, then maybe it’s time to consider staggered hours. This is a type of flexibly working where you still work your normal amount of hours but choose to do them outside the typical 9-5 day. You can find out more about the types of flexible working here.

Think of more efficient ways to get your job done

This might mean breaking away from long email chains and replacing it with quick meetings – whether that’s at their desk, in a meeting room or over a call, it’s much more efficient to get things sorted verbally. Rather than going back and forth with emails and trying not to forget about the formalities of addressing people and signing off, face to face communication will get you over the line faster so you can have time to watch the Euros.

Make sure you’re recording

Let’s face it. Some employers would be reluctant to let their employees watch the Euros in the middle of the day. So if you know you’re going to miss it, it’s best you make sure you’ve recorded it so you can watch it on your commute or when you’re home. Just make sure you avoid the news.

Incentivise your own task completions

You’d be surprised how much you get done when you want something. Whether it’s watching the highlights on the news for 5 minutes after you complete a task or whether you watch the whole game once you’ve completed a bigger task, if you really want to watch the Euros, you’ll be a lot more productive.

Take advantage of your lunch break

When you’ve got a whole hour to eat your lunch, why not watch the Euros at the same time? The likeliness is that other colleagues have got the same idea, so rather than all watching it at your desk, why not go into your lunch room or break out area and see whether your team wins or theirs.