Why Fly To Meetings When You Can Just #lookup And Conference Call?
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Why Fly To Meetings When You Can Just #lookup And Conference Call?

28th November 2013
By Jacqui Beel

We use the recent British Airways advertising campaign to highlight that travel for business loses its sparkle when you’re on the road away from your family

In light of the new British Airway’s advertising campaign ‘Look Up’, we have questioned whether travelling for business is in fact magical? British Airways claims with its new digital billboards across London that flying can be magical and the world is ever increasingly accessible. We couldn’t agree more, travelling to new places is wonderful – to explore the world and see so many places, but our question is, when travel is for business does the magic stay alive?

Powwownow's take on the BA #lookup advert

Powwownow’s take on the BA #lookup advert

With this in mind we looked into the pitfalls of travelling alone for work.

  • Being away from loved ones (wives, husbands, children)
  • Fully loaded days – early starts and late finishes
  • The stress of travel alone – will you make it on time, will your flight or train be cancelled
  • Being alone – sometimes the reality doesn’t live up to the expectation. Eating alone in your room, waking up in a hotel, getting in a taxi to a meeting, back to the hotel and eating room service alone. There is often little time to actually explore
  • Living out of a suitcase – making sure your toiletries fit the standard size so you don’t have to check luggage, or having limited clothing – especially if your trip gets extended
  • Cost – many businesses make people pay up front for their trip and claim back expenses, meaning that employees will have to fork out costs upfront

Don’t get us wrong, we love the British Airways advertising campaign and we truly agree that flying for fun is truly one of the most magnificent things in the world. But when technology is so easily accessible and the world can stay connected without having to travel, wouldn’t it just be easier to have a conference call instead?

What do you think? Get involved in the debate:  #couldhavestayedathomeandconferencecalledinstead