Tube Strike Chaos

Did you hear? Tube strikes are expected to be ‘the most chaotic in a decade’!

With strikes officially starting as early as 6pm (July 8th), and continuing till as late as 9:30pm Thursday (July 9th), disruptions are already being predicted to effect services from early this afternoon until Friday morning…a situation which we wish everyone could #AvoidTheHorror.

Although hundreds of thousands of people will try to find alternative routes to get to and from work, the reality is, delays and disruptions will be suffered across all forms of transport, no matter which route anyone tries to take.

With flexible working and remote working becoming incorporated into a wide spectrum of businesses across the UK, its relevance has never been more significant.  It allows people to avoid situations out of their control (such as tube strikes) and instead, stay productive in the face of such unfavourable situations.

Tube Strikes vs Remote Working

To provide the perfect solution to tomorrow’s chaos, our Smarter Working Guide can help you discover the best locations for remote working.  It covers the best remote working locations in each area of London.  From café’s to co-working spaces, we’ve revealed what locations have more to offer than a power point and free Wi-Fi. Plus, it’s free to download!

Want to know the more interesting, less predictable remote working locations? Find out here.

So before you get caught with the hundreds of thousands of people struggling in their commute to and from work over the next couple of days, avoid the horror and make your next meeting a conference call and embrace our right to remote working!

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