Unsung heroes
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Unsung heroes

15th February 2018
By Candice Choo

Bub Geer Dawe

Office Manager – Pact – Coffee

About Pact

Pact are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee by making incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone with their flexible coffee subscription service. Their world-class beans are bought from dedicated farmers, then roasted in small batches at Pact HQ in Bermondsey and sent in the post within 7 days.

About Bub

Bub has previously worked for Dazed and Confused, Life Water, NBC News, Songkick, and most recently WME Entertainment, which is where she honed her skills for looking after a busy office. At Pact, a large part of her role is thinking of creative, engaging and relevant team events ranging from cheese tastings to rooftop cinema screenings. They’ve become a huge part of the office culture and it means there is always something fun for people to look forward to!

Charlotte Brask Rustad

Supply Chain Manager – Candy Kittens

About Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens is the fashionable confectionary and clothing brand from Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing. Born from a love of all things sweet, Candy Kittens is now stocked in some of the most high profile stores across the UK.

About Charlotte

In the short space of time since Charlotte joined Candy Kittens, she has probably had more impact than any other single individual on the overall performance of the company. Since her arrival, the transformation has been extraordinary. She is calm but firm, quiet yet confident, conscientious yet relaxed. She consumes her work at an astonishing rate and is always available to help others, which is a lesson for all of us. She is an absolutely invaluable member of the team!

Peter Ames

Product Manager – Office Genie

About Office Genie

Office Genie is a UK office search engine, which is uniquely designed for small businesses and freelancers. It allows small businesses to directly compare the cost of shared offices, serviced offices, and conventional leased office spaces.

About Peter Ames

Pete is an unsung hero in many, many ways. He lives and breathes Office Genie, and I’m sure if we were to cut him open, he would have Office Genie written through him like a stick of Blackpool Rock. He is ambitious and committed to making Office Genie a success. You don’t see that kind of dedication from everyone, and that’s why he is the Office Genie hero!

Lauren McGee

Office Manager – Purple Consultancy

About Purple

As the multi-award winning creative recruitment consultancy, Purple have been established for 15 years and are extremely proud of their achievements to date. But what really makes them proud is the people; they have an incredible culture that is unrivalled in their industry and an exceptional team bond.

About Lauren

Lauren is a pivotal part of the company; it simply would not function without her. As well as her main office manager duties, Lauren covers event organising, is the head of the social committee and takes charge of all event budgets and planning for company conferences, social events, and meetings. Her responsibilities even cross over into a HR role, as she is in control of all annual leave, sickness systems, and employment contracts. This is just a snippet of what Lauren tackles on a day to day basis. She deserves to be praised for her ongoing hard work and enthusiasm for the company; Lauren, we salute you!