Unsung Superheroes of the Business World

Every office has that person, the quiet one in the corner, without which daily business life would simply be a chore. Working away in the background, these may not be the most attention seeking of your colleagues but that’s really because they’re keeping a low profile. After all, Clark Kent was always unassuming and shied away from the lime light…

Unsung Office Heros

Unsung Office Heros

The Office Manager

Keeping the office in order, preparing meeting rooms and welcoming guests, the office manager is the heart and soul of the office. Without people realising it, this person keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently, making everyone’s working day that little bit easier.

Hidden superpower: telekinesis; without whizzing round the office and getting in a flap, somehow things always get done with minimal fuss. Cool, calm and collected even in a crisis, this person is always one step ahead of the game.

The PA

Answering those tricky ‘they’re’ not here, can I take a message calls’ (when really you’re hiding under the desk) and keeping a balanced calendar that doesn’t leave you tearing around town like a mad thing, this person is priceless when it comes to minimising stress in a working day.

Hidden superpower: telepathy; wonder how your diary always ends up looking just how you want without you saying a word? This person is so on top of things they know what you want before you do yourself.

The Sandwich Delivery Person

As much as we may have good intentions to bring our lunch to work with us, in reality this is often forgotten in the morning rush. Without this daily delivery person with their plethora of wraps, salads sandwiches and pastas, there would be many a hungry lunch hour when it’s just too cold and wet to traipse all the way into town for a sarnie.

Hidden superpower: precognition; somehow they always know exactly what you need to keep you going through the afternoon. Whether it’s a cheeky Mars bar or no mayo in the chicken salad, this person has it covered.

The Work Experience Candidate

The bottom of the pile when it comes the thankless tasks, the work experience candidate is often left filing old papers and making new photocopies. Not the most exciting way to spend a day but necessary jobs that need to be done and save time in the long run.

Hidden superpower: reality warping; although they may appear to be sorting through boring meeting notes, really they’re searching for hidden codes from MI5 spies. Keeping their minds active while they’re hard at work, this person has the ability to conjure any scene from their imagination and make it true.

What do you think? Who is the unsung superhero in your office? The person that keeps going whatever the situation, getting their job done to make other’s easier. We’d love to give them a little recognition here and perhaps even take a peek behind that spectacle disguise to reveal the real hidden superpower at work.