The Future Of Flexible Working Is Now [Video]

How has travelling to meetings changed over recent years and how is technology helping to make that easier? Powwownow went to the streets of London to speak to its commutersĀ  to find out if their businesses had flexible working programmes in place and how they dealt with people not working in the office.

It appears that there is a stronger reliance on conference calls and video conferencing, not only because it saves time, but because of the huge travel costs businesses save. And as businesses continue to save money where they can, these sorts of technology enable a much smarter working approach.

  • Teleworking is indeed turning out to be the rare case of a win-win scenario for everyone. Employers gain from a reduction in costs and higher retention rates, individuals benefit from a better work life balance and the community at large thrives from a greener environment and a lower burden on its infrastructure.