[Video] Remote Working, The Lessons

It is here, Powwownow’s first ever video blog and there are many more to come.

But first this month’s video blog – Marketing Director Robert Gorby shares his views on the top three key elements to successful remote working. Do you have a work split of home based and office based working, want to know how to get the most out of working from home, and what to do when you are in the office? Then take  a look at the below video for our handy top tips…

With 59% of employees believing that remote working is the way forward for businesses, make sure you know how to maximise your time away and in the office to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

When you work from home on a regular basis it is important to:

  1. Set clear expectations – what are you expected to achieve whilst you work from home? Timings – can you be flexible with your time or are you expected to be at your desk all day? Set these expectations with your colleagues before you work from home so everyone knows what to expect.
  2. Be seen and be heard – tools such as teleconferencing, instant messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing remove the potential isolation of working from home, so make sure you keep in touch with colleagues when you can.
  3. Make the most of office time – when you are in the office make sure you organise as many meetings as possible, speak to all the people you need to and make the connections whilst you are available to sit down face-to-face.